Hello everyone! My name is Julia and I'm 16 years old. TVD = best show ever. I love Ian Somerhalder. He is MY hero, idol, angel. He is my everything.

And I'm here to make a change with him.

My instagram is @somer4ever

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dsc meme: 7 smiles/smirks

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reblog if ur dick sparkles

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favourite lost quotes 

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Who's pretending?

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Everything you’re holding on to is in the past

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"She remembered something else, just a flash: looking up at Damon’s face in the woods and feeling such — such excitement, such affinity with him. As if he understood the flame that burned inside her as nobody else ever could. As if together they could do anything they liked,  conquer  the world or  destroy  it.”

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dsc memenine one liners

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Dsc meme
    7 smiles/smirks

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